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A Visual Protest of Marriage Discrimination A Visual Protest of Marriage Discrimination

A Visual Protest of Marriage Discrimination

by Marion Leary

September 3, 2013

We would like everyone to participate—LGBT folks in Pennsylvania, families and allies of LGBT in Pennsylvania, lawmakers in Pennsylvania. We would also like people who live in other states who have marriage equality and would like to support our push for it in Pennsylvania. We would like local celebs and national celebrities to participate—really anyone and everyone who feels that marriage equality is worth fighting for! The more photo messages we are able to post, the bigger the impact we will have on the views and opinions of our legislators and our neighbors, starting a visual campaign in support of marriage equality.

Show your support for marriage equality in Pennsylvania. If your state doesn't support marriage equality yet, think of starting a similar visual campaign. Click here to say you'll DO it.

This project is part of GOOD's series Push for Good—our guide to crowdsourcing creative progress.

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A Visual Protest of Marriage Discrimination