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Annotated Style: Skye Cassidy, Skylark and Son

Skye Cassidy—and her little dude—tell the stories behind their dream premonition thrift store finds.

1 "When you're a hardened op-shopper (that's what we call thrifting here in Australia) of more than 25 years, you can get a bit blasé about finding amazing stuff. Christian Dior '70s silk blouse for two bucks? Ho hum. Vintage cashmere jacket for a dollar? So what. Despite being all world-weary and whatnot, a rare op-shop find can still give me a goosebumpy rush of pure adrenaline. This vintage Lanvin felt hat (five bucks!) was not only an amazing on-trend-but-keep-it-for-a-lifetime score, but I actually dreamt about it the night before I turned it up on the shelves of a scruffy little local store. Spooky!"

2 "If the little dude had a dollar for every compliment he got on that hat (another op-shop treasure) then he'd be rolling around Scrooge McDuck-style on a huge mountain of cash—or he'd have bought up the world's supply of Pirates of the Caribbean Legos and be rolling around in that. People love the hat, and I can't blame them. The colours are infectiously joyous. Personally, I like it because I can spot him in any crowd in a nanosecond!"

3 "This Therese Rawsthorne silk dress is basically just a big black sack. A black sack with a few nice architectural details, but a black sack nonetheless. Sometimes though, a black bat flapping sack is what's called for—so I always have a few of them in my wardrobe for the days when I don't want to to think too hard (or have to suck in my tum)."

4 "I'd like to say this amethyst crystal cocktail ring was bequeathed to me by my Great Aunty Venus, Vegas showgirl and white witch—but the truth is I bought it off the sale rack at BCBG Generation in Century City. I was hanging around in the mall, basking in the reflected glory of a gigantic billboard for my husband's latest movie, which was hanging above Bloomingdales and dominating all it surveyed. When you make a movie in Australia, it's a big kick to see giant billboards for that movie in Los Angeles. And when you work in an industry as unpredictable as the film business, then you know to really revel in those little moments when they happen."

5 "I've had this wool serape thing for a few years now, and it is still something of an enigma. I op-shopped it for a couple of dollars because of the patterns and colours, which are vaguely Mexican/Aztec/Navajo/I-don't-know, and I wear it pretty often because I love it, but I couldn't tell you who made it, or where. The label on it seems sort of Middle Eastern-ish, and we used to live in a neighbourhood nicknamed little Tel Aviv, so maybe it's Israeli? That kind of forensic investigation is one of the things I adore about secondhand shopping—working out the history of things, and idly wondering about the people who owned them before me."

6 "These studded boots have been around. They've seen things. Attack ships off the shoulder of Orion (or some very unsavoury dive bars, at least). None of it with me, though—I just picked them up not so long ago from a secondhand market in Sydney. There's still plenty of time for them to do some more living. I've got plans."

In Annotated Style, style bloggers tell the stories behind the clothes. Skye Cassidy blogs at Skylark and Son.

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