Here’s How Hilary Clinton Practiced Avoiding A Hug From Donald Trump During The Debates

We’ve all been there

As we've seen on the campaign trail and during his first few months in office, Donald Trump’s attempts at physical contact are often awkward, unwelcome, or both. In an effort to distance herself from her opponent (or just avoid touching him stemming from a personal preference), Hilary Clinton took some pretty thorough measures to ensure that she wouldn’t be caught off-guard should her opponent try anything weird prior to or following their debates.

Recently, one of her campaign advisors, Philippe Reines, tweeted out some unintentionally hilarious footage of Hilary’s practice attempts at gracefully avoiding a Trump hug. As you can see, the interaction with the Trump stand-in quickly veers into cartoonish overkill, but then again, so did Trump during the campaign.

As The A.V. Club points out, if Hilary was looking for expert guidance on how to squirm out of an intimate moment with Donald Trump, she would have been well-served enlisting the services of Tiffany Trump, who has been honing this skill for most of her life:

The surfacing of Hilary’s surreal rehearsal tactics prove she really did have a game plan for every Trump contingency, so while she may have lost the election, she can keep her head up knowing she didn’t have to hug Donald Trump during her fight.