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On The Ground At Los Angeles’ Anti-Trump Protests

“Down down down with Trump. Up up up with the people!”

In major cities across the United States, people gathered Wednesday night to protest the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

I first heard word of one particular gathering through Twitter and decided to check it out in person. It didn’t take long to find thousands of people marching through the streets.

I joined at 4th and Main in downtown Los Angeles as the protesters—a young, diverse crowd—wound their way around the skyscrapers, luxury condos, and tent encampments surrounding Skid Row. They marched through several city blocks, eventually congregating on and around the steps of City Hall.

People are angry. They are venting their frustration and shock at what our democracy has produced. No, there isn’t any unified call for action. Yes, the only rational thing people can do is to make sure they vote in two years to shift the balance of power. But for now, people are simply exercising their right to peacefully assemble. Even the inmates at the Metropolitan Detention Center blinked their lights as people protested outside. And, from what I observed, the demonstration was controlled and peaceful. When a few people antagonized the police, they were shouted down by the group as a whole.

Speaking of shouting, the following represent the catchiest chants of the night:

“We reject the president-elect!”

“Donald Trump go away! Sexist, racist, anti-gay!”

“Say it loud, say it clear. Immigrants are welcome here!”

“Down, down, down with Trump! Up, up, up with the people!”

Women chanting, “My body, my choice,” followed by the men replying, “Her body, her choice!”

Photos below via Bianca Simonian, freelance photographer

Photo below via Casey Caplowe

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