Mini-Project: Test a Co-Worker's Knowledge of Current Events

Last week, for our first mini-Project, we asked GOOD readers to send in pictures of their office refrigerators. Check them out here.

This week, for our second mini-Project, we're doing a little test. We'd call it a trivia game, but the material isn't exactly trivial. Here's the deal: A recent Pew Research poll asked the American public 10 questions about current events (and one about Twitter). Have a look at the questions and the results.

Apparently no one really cares who's running the United Kingdom. Anyway, we want to find out what GOOD readers' co-workers know. The deadline for this one is 2 p.m. PST today. Read on...

How to Participate:

1. Pick a co-worker. Ask him or her these 11 questions. For the oil leak question, the Twitter question, and the unemployment rate question, accept as correct any reasonable approximation of the right answer. We'll trust your judgment.

2. By 2 p.m. PST, email us the results at projects[at]goodinc[dot]com or send them to us on Twitter. We're @GOOD. For Twitter, you can code the answers with a "c" for "correct" and an "i" for "incorrect," like this: 1c, 2i, 3i, etc.

3. Include the age of your co-worker (guess if you'd rather not ask), the name of your company or a generic description ("An awesome web and print magazine," e.g.), and your city and state.

4. We'll whip up a quick infographic with the results and post it this afternoon, so you can compare your co-worker to those of other GOOD readers (and the national averages).

We're not sure how much data we'll be hit with, but we'll try to incorporate as many responses as we can and get the infographic up by 4 p.m. PST.