Video: Pittsburgh's Bike Scene Is Pretty Incredible

Pittsburgh is the crown jewel in the rust belt renaissance, and a devoted group of cycling advocates deserve some credit for that.


The Iron City has for years crept towards the top of the heap on those "liveable cities" lists—it's the leader of the rust belt renaissance. Part of the reason is the city's bike-friendliness. Pittsburgh made it onto our 2009 list of the best burgeoning bike scenes in North America and that scene, led by a dedicated group of cycling advocates called Bike PGH, is still going strong.

Streetsfilms dropped in on the 'Burg and sent along this travelogue featuring plenty of happy cyclists and some serious two-wheeled urbanite innovation. Pittsburgh, for example, is one of the few cities to enact bicycle parking ordinances so that all new or change-in-use buildings must include accommodations for the cycling set.

Other treasures in Steeler Town: miles and miles of river front bike trails and retrofitted shipping containers for secure, indoor public bike storage. Oh, and it also has some 446 bridges, most of which also have sidewalks.