Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

by Emily Howard Matt Chase

September 5, 2013

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While some may still grapple with what the cloud exactly is, studies indicate every year more and more businesses are adopting the cloud as part of their IT strategies. Cloud untethers businesses from typical IT solutions like configuring servers and storage, and instead offers them a collaborative space, with on-demand resources, such as applications and data centers, over the internet.

With adoption going up, what’s driving it? 73 percent of IT professionals cite employees personal use of cloud apps and mobile devices significantly influenced their organizations decision to adopt cloud computing. But employee usage isn’t the only driving force. Cloud adoption also brings benefits to the company such as reduction in IT costs and system downtimes as well as easier access and management of big data and analytic reports.

Cloud is not perfect yet, with businesses often citing security as a concern. But for many, this simply means not shifting applications with sensitive data, such as payroll, to the cloud. Still, with 72% of business owners believing cloud will be extremely important to business success by 2016, it's no wonder that cloud services are catching on.

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Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud