Eric Ryan


Method Founders: To Win, Integrate Design And Business

Method's co-founders talk about combining design sense and business principles in this excerpt from their new book, The Method Method.

Entire books could be dedicated to the art of creating healthy tension between the creative and the business mind, and over the past few years, we’ve certainly experienced a lot of drama in the pursuit. Building a utopia where brilliant business managers and creative geniuses work side by side in complete harmony is as likely as opening a unicorn ranch in the clouds. Trust us, we’ve tried (the former, that is). Despite our best efforts, we’ve never found this magical place— though we have learned some of the secrets to creating an environment where both managers and creatives thrive.

Most companies treat design as something to be handled by a small group of people—generally toward the bottom of the organization’s hierarchy. This mystifies us. We challenge you to find a company that leverages design as a core competitive advantage without creative leadership at the highest ranks of the company.

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