Julia Lipscomb


The Best Lesson for New Readers Might Be the One They Teach Themselves

Let's celebrate the educators who empower us to teach ourselves. #projectliteracy

To improve students’ reading skills, these books were written by teachers and students together in class, based on the stories found in the library books and left open-ended with a big question mark on the last page to engage students. Dadal County, Mongolia. Photo: Khasar Sandag / Flickr user World Bank (cc)

If some of your earlier lessons in reading and writing involved a teacher standing at the head of a classroom, lecturing you about letters and grammar, you’re not alone. As much as 80 percent of classroom instruction in the United States is delivered orally—whether it’s being used to help students develop their literacy or tackle any other subject. Yet, we’re all different human beings with different needs and circumstances—and, according to certain researchers, many of us respond more effectively to alternative methods of instruction.

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