Four Ways Youth Sports Can Combat Racism

New research shows how young children can develop bias.

Children at an Army Youth Sports and Fitness camp in South Korea. Photo by USAG Humphreys/Flickr.

New research shows racism can be learned by children as young as 4. By preschool, children may have already internalized harmful racist attitudes.

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I Never Wanted My Son To Be An Athlete — Until Now

The lines between athleticism and activism aren’t as divided as I thought.

Image by bdc629/Pixabay.

Growing up, I resented the assumed aptitude that black Americans have for sports. Even after two years of volleyball, it was evident I didn’t have it. I did, however, long for their popularity. The athletes got everything — the scholarships, the school pride, and, of course, the funding.

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How To Fix America’s Racist Textbooks

80 percent of publishing and review journal staff are white

The adoption of a textbook titled Mexican American Heritage probably seemed as if it would help students in Texas learn culturally relevant history. But late last year, angry parents and teachers across the Lone Star state successfully pressured the Texas State Board of Education to shelve the book. Some of the book’s most problematic passages said Mexicans “caused a number of economic and security problems in the United States,” including “poverty, non-assimilation, drugs, crime, and exploitation,” and “were not reared to put in a full day's work so vigorously.”

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