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Rus Garofalo

Rus Garofalo

  • Diamonds 101 If you're planning on popping the question this year, you're probably in the market for some jewelry. And we realize you might be too busy...
  • Mister Trash Can While carbon emissions may be the current cause célèbre of the environmental movement, let's not forget the more tangible waste products we...
    The Planet
  • Opium Economics Heroin makes Lou Reed feel like Jesus, and it won't leave Guns N' Roses alone, but how does it end up here in the United States? We take a...
  • Cornography The United States is the number one per capita consumer of corn in the world. Don't recall stuffing your face with thousands of ears of corn...
  • The State of the Planet As we head into the last year of the two thousand aughts, we take a look at some of the numbers that shaped our lives this past year.  Thanks for the memories, 2008..
  • Animal Superpowers From cicadas who hibernate for 17 years to checkerboard-camouflaged cuttlefish, some animals have powers that border on the super. Artists Kenichi Okada and Chris Woebken have created three devices designed to give children a chance to experience heightened animal senses. For example, their Bird Device..
  • Jailbirds There are currently more than 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States. What does that look like, exactly? That's equivalent to...
  • Hippo Rollers In rural Africa, women spend 26% of their time fetching water, often walking for miles with heavy buckets balanced on their heads. That's time...
  • Part 1: The ABCs of War Bots Technological developments have enabled the evolution of warfare from cavemen bludgeoning each other with blunt objects to career soldiers...
  • Part 2: Soldiers and Their Bots Unlike soldiers, robots can take the worst of a bomb blast and survive to see another battle. So when an explosive needs to...
  • Part 3: The Overcrowded Skies There's a problem brewing over the skies of Iraq, and it's not weather related. Thanks to a new generation of cheaper,...
  • Part 4: Rescue Bots of the Future Not only are robots being used for military offensives, but they are also being deployed to rescue wounded soldiers. These robot medics can evacuate downed servicemen from situations too dangerous for normal reconnaissance missions. Rescue bots, most of which are still in the development phase, ensure..
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