Steve Wheen


Potholes Wanted: How I'm Greening Cities with Microscopic Gardens

Potholes wanted: greening cities with these amazing, microscopic gardens.

My work is all about creating unexpected moments of happiness for people. I'm constantly surprised at how my miniature gardens seem to make a big impact on people. When people come across my work they will do a double take, smile, then stop and generally take a picture.

In the past I've worked on larger scale guerrilla gardening projects, but it was when I worked on a much smaller scale that people seemed more interested (which was never the goal, mind you). My little gardens began as simple installations, a respite from the greyness of London. Over time I began adding miniature props to create scenes that tell stories about current events, and anything else that's on my mind (from the Olympics to Kate and Will's wedding).

I source my little props from all around the place, often people send them to me and I find a way to incorporate them.

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