Tara O'Brien


This family has been sending out the funniest holiday cards for 15 years straight.

This hilarious family sends the most AWKWARD family Christmas cards.

The Bergeron Family took that spice to an entirely new level. Since 2003, this zany (aka #familygoals) family has produced some priceless holiday cards. Mike, Laura, their two adorable daughters known as “Gigi” and “Juju” online, take on a new theme each year. From pop-culture to awkward family photos, their creativity seems to know no bounds. We hope they credit the JC Penney photo studio as their muse because, without them, we would not be blessed with the pure enjoyment you're about to belly-laugh at.

Below, Mike Bergeron recounts some of the inspirations for the themes of each year’s card — including this year’s brand new 2018 masterpiece!

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