Victor Diaz

We originally wanted to write this post to commend—and recommend—Dr. Camika Royal's thoughtful and courageous article on the term "Achievement Gap" that was recently published on GOOD. In it she argues that the term is a manifestation of white privilege and power, and that Teach For America's use of the term makes it comes across as an organization that doesn’t reflect enough on privilege and power in our work in communities across the country. We are thrilled to share that many groups and individuals in Teach For America, including our president, Matt Kramer, and our recruitment team have recently taken on this discussion of the term "achievement gap" and that this discussion has been in the air for a number of years.

However, as Teach For America alumni and staff members discussing the article together, it was only a matter of time until we wandered into various social media spaces to see other people's reactions. In particular, a thread of responses on Twitter, Facebook, and Yammer (the internal social media platform for TFA staff) led us to conclude that perhaps the reactions to Royal's article were something that commanded more attention than the article itself.

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