Vincent Stanley


Really Good Business: Beyond Social Responsibility Report Cards

Dwindling resources impels companies with no special predilection toward doing good, to get good, and fast—and work together with peers to do so.

We’re grateful when we hear Patagonia touted as a model of responsible business practices, but it also shames us a little. We know how little distance our company has traveled toward anything resembling sustainability and how far we, all of us, have to go. As we have pointed out in our book The Responsible Company, even a relatively benign Patagonia fleece jacket, made of 60% recycled and recyclable polyester, generates 24 times its weight in carbon emissions and one-third its weight in waste.

Is business doing enough, fast enough, to slow, then reverse the harm done to the planet, let alone provide fair pay and decent treatment to workers throughout the supply chain? No. Does it make sense, then, to keep up, and intensify, efforts in business to reduce the environmental and social harm we do? Absolutely.

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