An Action Shot Of James Harden Became A Renaissance Painting Thanks To A Talented Fan

Harden’s spill into the stands resulted in a truly dramatic composition.

The NBA doesn’t suffer from a shortage of drama — especially during the playoffs. But one fan managed to turn a well-timed shot of NBA star James Harden into something more profound.

The original photo of Harden charging into the pricey courtside seats at the Target Center in Minneapolis elicited an array of responses and gestures that recalled the best ofRenaissance art.

Harden’s forlorn expression may be the centerpiece of the accidental composition here, but further exploration of the supporting players in the photo offers much more.

Seeing parallels between this candid shot and the typically wrought reactions of Renaissance painting characters, Twitter user Adam Warlock decided to bridge the two worlds with some spot-on photo effects.

Social media being what it is, some were compelled to follow suit using one-off subjects and some inspired pointillism techniques.

It’s the Medici family/Houston Rockets mashup you didn’t even know you needed.