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71-year-old busting out dance moves during Super Bowl half-time performance is all kinds of adorable

During the Super Bowl Half-time performance, the elderly man started grooving to the tunes and his vibrant energy will put most adults to shame.

71-year-old busting out dance moves during Super Bowl half-time performance is all kinds of adorable
Cover Image source - TikTok/@queenmofromdown20 I Getty Images/Photo by - Ryan Kang

The recently concluded Super Bowl extended beyond the thrilling on-field performances to the vibrant atmosphere off the field. While stars like Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes dazzled fans with their athletic prowess and went on to lift the title, the crowd indulged in their festivities during breaks in the game. With music and dance taking center stage, spectators transformed the stadium into a pulsating arena of energy and excitement.

From halftime spectacles featuring iconic artists like Ludacris and Usher, the Super Bowl breaks were a showcase of talent and spectacle. Fans swayed to the rhythm of the music, belting out lyrics and showcasing their best dance moves, creating an electrifying atmosphere that reverberated throughout the stadium. One TikTok video stole the spotlight during this year's Super Bowl halftime show. This recent clip uploaded by Monica Graves(@queenmofromdown20) decided to document her father's reaction to the electrifying performance grooving to the tunes of Usher's iconic song 'Yeah'.

Image Source - TikTok/@
Image Source - TikTok/@queenmofromdown20

The clip shows the old man shows his excitement as Usher took the stage and belted out his classic hit 'Yeah'. Graves' dad couldn't resist the urge to groove along. With each beat, he became more animated, displaying his passion for the music and his vibrant energy. Graves Sr. seemed to take his excitement to the next level as soon as Ludacris joined the stage alongside Usher. That is when the real magic happened when Ludacris joined Usher on stage to perform their iconic collaboration "Yeah." Without any thoughts, Graves' dad leapt from his seat, shouting "Luda!" as he danced his heart out in celebration. His unbridled enthusiasm and genuine joy were palpable, igniting laughter and admiration from the TikTok world.

Image Source - TikTok I @
Image Source - TikTok I @queenmofromdown20


As the video went viral, with almost 3 million likes on the video, viewers couldn't help but join in the fun, sharing their laughter and appreciation for Dad Graves' energetic performance. Comments flooded in, praising his infectious energy and hilarious antics, with many expressing how the video brought a much-needed dose of joy to their day. One TikTok comment from user Tania Sandoval(@taniazugey) suggested that the old man deserved a shoutout from Ludacris.

Image Source - TikTok/@TaniaSandoval
Image Source - TikTok/@taniazugey


Joining the fun banter, another user RELLETOOREAL(@RELLETOOREAL) humorously asked Monica why she didn't notify the viewers about her dad performing at the concert with Usher.

Image Source - TikTok/@
Image Source - TikTok/@RELLETOOREAL


From TikTok to Twitter, fans of the video shared their enthusiasm, sharing the same opinion about how Mr. Graves truly stole the show with his unforgettable dance moves. Whether recreating his steps at home or simply indulging in the sheer hilarity of the moment, people everywhere embraced the fun spirit captured in the video. They say the Super Bowl itself is a festival in the US and this clip is again another big piece of evidence of why this sporting event is highly appreciated by the American audience. Dad Graves' epic dance moves during the Super Bowl halftime show provided a much-needed escape from reality, reminding us of the power of music, laughter, and shared moments of delight. Super Bowl 58 was a memorable event for all involved. Here's Usher's reaction to the old man dancing :


Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 14, 2024. It has since been updated.

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