Electoral College Member Votes For Faith Spotted Eagle

It turns out Clinton had more “faithless electors” than Trump

(Faith Spotted Eagle/Facebook)

On Monday, it was Hillary Clinton who was losing a stream of Electoral College votes to surprising individuals, not Donald Trump.

Four Democratic electors in Washington State alone declined to vote for Clinton, who won the state overwhelmingly, and instead threw their votes behind Standing Rock activist Faith Spotted Eagle, former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The Daily Beast reports that Powell, a longtime Republican who supported the Democratic nominee in the last three elections, actually received three of the four rogue votes.

Meanwhile, another Electoral College member in Maine cast his vote for Bernie Sanders but was declared “out of order” and forced to re-cast his vote for Clinton on a second ballot.

Trump ended up losing just two electoral college votes, both in Texas, with one going to Ron Paul and another to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, one of Trump’s rivals in the Republican primary.

While ultimately meaningless in any practical sense, the dissenting votes were still more than a bit ironic after weeks of speculation that so-called “Faithless Electors” could be pressured into switching their votes from President-elect Donald Trump to Clinton or another candidate altogether.

And to that point, it was late Monday afternoon that Trump took another official step toward the White House when he passed the required 270 electoral votes needed to be sworn in as president on January 20.