"Nina Turner" by S.A.Mossman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In the time of pandemic, we must all strive to put politics behind us. Unity, purpose and compassion are the ways everyday people will have to shift our focus as we navigate out of this uncertain and tumultuous times. But what of those communities who were explicitly brought together by politics?

Even though Bernie Sanders has effectively lost the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination to Joe Biden, there's no denying that Bernie's campaign was the only real movement of 2020. Unfortunately for Sanders supporters, they've learned the hard way that it takes coalitions to win national elections. However, movements are still very powerful things. Faced with the daunting choice of whether to continue his campaign or step out of the race, Bernie Sanders has chosen a third way and it's one that should make you respect the Vermont senator whether or not you support him politically. Instead of running a conventional campaign going forward, something that would already be impossible in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Sanders has instead shifted the majority of his focus to coronavirus relief efforts and the public response.

So, Sanders and his campaign asked their supporters to step up and help financially support some specific relief efforts. And boy did they ever.

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