Dietary Supplements: Monday, January 31 Dietary Supplements: Monday, January 31

Dietary Supplements: Monday, January 31

by Nicola Twilley

February 2, 2011

If you have been picturing your body fat accumulating in layers, like an onion, this article will set you straight on how fat cells actually work.

Why bacon is the gateway meat: Vegetarians may be swayed by the temptations of bacon because fatty, smoked pork speaks to our evolutionary desire for calories.

That was the binge; now for the other side of the coin. You've heard about antibiotics contaminating milk. What if vaccinating cows could also create a therapeutic milk that could treat malnourished children?

Thanks to the unrest and the government-imposed curfew, which have restricted shipments and shopping hours, Egyptian families are starting to run low on basic foods.

Today's extra credit comes via Eater National: Check out the drawings that comic artist Paul Maybury claims got him fired from his job as a Whole Foods sign-writer (including a boneless sirloin steak-loving Mr. T, pictured above).

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Photos by Paul Maybury.

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Dietary Supplements: Monday, January 31