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Give a Warm Welcome to GOOD Local, the Los Angeles Chapter

You may think of Los Angeles as a trailblazing city on its own. But, add GOOD Local into the mix, and you have pragmatic idealists organizing events to get the community learning and doing good all over the city. GOOD Los Angeles is bringing creative people together to make collective change locally. It’s a community-building initiative led by local residents and engaged citizens to bring people together to learn and do good all around the world. GOOD Los Angeles is a totally self-organized chapter of GOOD Local and headed up by these awesome leaders.

Stay updated on what’s good in Los Angeles by following the Los Angeles hub and joining the GOOD Los Angeles mailing list.

Meet the Team

Brian Rosenbaum

Trumpet-playing, social justice-fighting, carnitas-cookin fool

I'm a Southern California native, back in LA after spending time in Barcelona, the Dominican Republic, and New York City. I'm passionate about social justice, education, Old Fashions and funk. As a member of the GOOD Local Los Angeles team, I'm excited to create opportunities for Angelenos to connect to our city, gain insight into important issues, give back in meaningful ways, and have some fun while we're at it!

Danny Flynn

Crowdsourcing strategist whose glass is always 1/2 full

I'm passionate about family, friends, learning new things, and trying to be "as good a person as my dog thinks I am." Also, cheeseburgers and mexican food. I'm pretty new to LA, but super excited to meet other do-GOODers in the area to create some positive change and have some fun along the way.

Lauren Mendoza Valles

Travel loving, photo obsessed, media junkie

I work in the Hollywood scene, meeting and setting up interviews with people I’m fascinated by. I’m in love with taking pictures and find that my favorite moments are those in new places, shared with my wild family, hysterical friends, or strangers with good stories. I’m most excited to meet the amazing LA folks that GOOD Local will bring together, and be a part of the journey in making this city even more awesome.

Nisha Namorando Vida

Hummingbird spirited earthworm enthusiast

Born in South Africa and an LA native since 1992, I now work to facilitate socioeconomic, environmental and food justice. I dance to wake up in the morning, ride my bicycle as a form of transit, grow my own food, and cook my own meals. In my spare time, I hike the LA mountains and swim in the ocean blue.

Rebecca Pontius

Wheel-of-fun owner and people connecter

I’m a California-born, Florida-grown social entrepreneur currently working in Los Angeles to help individuals and companies find creative ways to give back in their communities. I also garden where I’m not supposed to, stay up too late and will be the best Taboo teammate you’ve ever had. I’m truly looking forward to joining forces with the GOOD Local team to take over Los Angeles…in a good way.

Say hello to GOOD Los Angeles in the comments below. Want to get involved in GOOD Local? Learn more about being GOOD Local Chapter Leader here or email us at

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