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GOOD Local Comes to San Francisco: Meet the Leaders

You may think of San Francisco as a historically active, vibrant, and culturally rich city on its own. But, add GOOD Local into the mix, and you...

You may think of San Francisco as a historically active, vibrant, and culturally rich city on its own. But, add GOOD Local into the mix, and you have pragmatic idealists organizing events that get the community learning and doing good all over the city. GOOD San Francisco is bringing creative people together to make collective change locally. It’s a community-building initiative led by local residents and engaged citizens bringing people together to learn and do good all around the world. GOOD San Francisco is a totally self-organized chapter of GOOD Local and led by the awesome leaders found below.

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Meet the Team

Chelsae Smith

Believer in people

I'm thrilled to be a part of GOOD San Francisco because I want to run with inspiration. I'm an experienced project manager who takes pleasure in helping people share in memorable moments. I look forward to connecting the pioneers, the innovators, and the curious to see what we can learn and do together. In my free time, you'll find me at a dinner party or exploring neighborhoods on my bike.

Hunter Franks

Collision Accelerator and 2012 Northern California Regional Sarcasm Champion Runner-Up

I develop creative projects that bring people together to interact in new ways with each other and their environment. I'm excited about GOOD Local because it empowers people to improve their communities.

Marc O'Brien

Design nomad with punk rock ideologies

I believe that everyone in this world has the ability to use their talents in a positive way. I help people activate their creativity to work on projects for the greater good. I also like to make homemade salsa.

Michelle Lim

Curious, empathetic, generous, thoughtful, passionate student of life

I love experiences that expand the mind, challenge incumbent perspectives, and spark new awareness about life, the human experience, and our place in the world. As your GOOD local leader in SF, my goal is to provide you with opportunities to explore the various aspects of being an engaged citizen of the world and to inspire you to experience the world in new ways. More importantly, I am here to build a community of practical idealists who can learn from each other, change the world together, and enrich each others' lives!

Say hello to GOOD San Francisco in the comments below. Want to get involved in GOOD Local? Learn more about being GOOD Local Chapter Leader here or email us at

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