Infographic: Who's Winning, Walmart or Amazon?

Sure, Walmart is the biggest retailer on earth. But these stats suggest it won't be that way forever.

Walmart is fresh off a Supreme Court victory in its labor practices case, but take a quick look at some of the trends in this graphic and you might conclude its very business model will become a relic long before sex discrimination is.

Walmart is a business behemoth, no doubt about it. It's doing great, making a healthy profit, growing well.

But old fashioned brick-and-mortar retail may not be able to compete with the new online sales paradigm. As you scroll through stats in this infographic from Minyanville, look how much more Amazon can earn per employee: five times as much as Walmart. The online retailer makes more than $1 million per employee. Walmart, by contrast, pulls in less than $200,000 per employee. No wonder they pay such crap wages.

That said, Walmart the company isn't likely to fold anytime soon. It could probably reinvent itself however it wanted—including a massive shift towards online retail—with all the cash it has access too.

Via: Online MBA