Breaking: Jamie Foxx Saves Stranger From Burning Car

After hearing screaming coming from the burning car, the actor raced to the rescue.

Actor, musician, and comedian Jamie Foxx is being heralded as a real-life hero today, as reports of the international superstar pulling a stranger from a burning car are making the rounds online. According to reports, Monday at 8:39 p.m., the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Ventura County Fire Department responded to calls of a car flipping over and crashing right in front of Foxx’s house.

The celebrity reportedly told the CHP that after he heard the crash, he called 911 and then ran out to the vehicle. Hearing screams coming from the car and fearing that the burning automobile could explode at any moment, Foxx pulled the passenger out of the flaming wreckage and dragged him 30 yards away. The victim, transported from the scene, reportedly suffered major injuries, including severe facial burns.

Photos below taken by Safety for Citizens:

Photo by Safety for Citizens

Photo by Safety for Citizens

Photo by Safety for Citizens

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