Adam Albright-Hanna

This article originally appeared on 09.25.17

After getting their fill of the endless quest to achieve the “American Dream," Andrew and Gabriella Morrison moved out of their home, ditched 90% of their belongings, and spent five months focusing on a plan to live a clutter-free, simple lifestyle. They ended up creating the “hOMe," a 207 square foot house that, while tiny to many used to the bloated American McMansions, has everything a couple actually needs to be happy.

“When I first read about the tiny house movement a few years ago I lit up because reflected before me was a way of life that I had been longing for," Gabriella posted on their website. “Uncluttered, environmentally sane, affordable. Conscious living." They currently live and work at the 'hOMe' where, according to them, they are off grid and debt-free and using the money saved to “travel and enjoy time together as a family."

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