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Saviors?: U.S. Soldiers Accused of Shooting Six Libyan Civilians

Reports say Marines may have accidentally shot Libyan civilians today while rescuing a downed American pilot.

According to Britain's Telegraph newspaper, a Marine rescue team dispatched to save an American pilot whose jet crashed in a field near Benghazi has shot and injured six Libyan civilians, the very same people President Obama engaged with Libya to protect.

ABC says that a U.S. military spokesman has "denied 100 percent" the charges that Marines shot an injured Libyans during the rescue, but The New York Times says the military is "investigating the reports," and two outlets are now reporting details of the shootings.

This from the Telegraph:

Our man on the ground, Rob Crilly, who broke the original story of the US fighter jet crashing, has discovered that six Libyan locals were shot and injured by a US helicopter as it recovered one of the two pilots.


Details are still unclear, but it appears that Libyan civilians were mistaken to be soldiers loyal to Gaddafi and targeted during the rescue.

Channel 4 news, another English outlet, interviewed the father of one of the people reportedly injured in the rescue shooting, who said his son is going to have to have his leg amputated. Still, as of now, there's no report of anyone dying in the incident.

If these reports are true, look for the number of Americans who support Obama's handling of Libya

—already a woefully low 50 percent—to dwindle precipitously in the coming days as more people question just what we're doing there.


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