Tell Us What Makes a Good Business

We're launching the GOOD Company Project this month—tell us which medium-sized businesses are worth checking out.

How we define a "good" company says a lot about what we value in the world around us. Is a good company one that places innovation and creativity above all else, or one that's focused on sustainability and improving customer service? Is it design-forward and one step ahead of the competition, or does it emphasize employee satisfaction and fairness? Can it be all of the above, or even more than the sum of those parts? How does it balance and prioritize these things?

The GOOD Company Project launches this month, and as we explore the future of business, we're hoping that you can help us answer these questions and pose some of your own. This editorial series will be a growing compendium of untold stories about how medium-sized businesses are working smarter to become the leading firms of the future.

We’re inviting the GOOD community to contribute leads and ideas about which companies we should be checking out (particularly those with 99 to 999 employees that are still small but still growing). Tell us here which businesses have won your respect, admiration, and loyalty for doing and being good.

We'll also be using the hashtag "#GOODco" on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook to help spread the word and kick off the conversation. There's a lot to talk about, and we can't wait to get started.