The Mutual: Giving Gets Perky The Mutual: Giving Gets Perky

The Mutual: Giving Gets Perky

by Julie Ma

June 13, 2012

The Mutual is currently working with, Oceana, The Trust for Public Land, Center for Ecoliteracy, and World Resources Institute. Eighty percent of donations going to charity; 20 percent are used to grow the community. There are roughly a couple hundred members in The Mutual network as of now, but with a Brooklyln-focused relaunch by the end of the summer, Vallejo expects the numbers to jump to a couple thousand. The Mutual’s future plans include working with larger companies interested in using the "Perks" as an employee rewards program. Bringing in more charities and implementing more creative extension strategies, such as working with the New York City Marathon to offer its racers a paid membership, are also ideas in the works. 

National expansion is further off, but the team is optimistic. “The way I see us growing is like a flight map in the back of an airline catalogue. There will be hubs with high populations with perks being offered in cafes, bars, or boutiques in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York. National brands and online retailers will ultimately connect the dots between the hubs,” Vallejo says. “The bigger we are, the more values we create, and the more people and businesses sign on, the larger amount we’ll be able to give collectively to these charities.”

Images courtesy of The Mutual

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The Mutual: Giving Gets Perky