Tweet Your Grievances: A Handy Directory of All Congressional Twitter Handles

Sometimes the best way to speak your mind to a politician is to tweet at them. Now their Twitter handles are all in one place.

Every time I read about the deficit war in Washington, I want to call up my reps and say, "Shut up and raise the debt ceiling!" And I'm not the only one with an opinion: Capitol Hill phone lines are completely tied up.

Twitter is a natural alternative, if you can find your representative's handle. But until recently, an "official" online Twitter directory for all members of Congress didn't exist. The communications company FearLess decided to create one. They've linked to every single representative from each state and listed them alphabetically. Most politicians use Twitter as a one-sided way to promote themselves, but there are some, like Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison and Newark mayor Cory Booker, who actively engage in conversations with users.

The next time Obama or anyone else urges you to contact your state leaders and the Capitol switchboard is jammed, you'll know where to find them online.