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Hustlin': We're the Privileged Poor. Why Aren't We Talking About It?

“Making it” isn't the same as it used to be, so what exactly does “faking it” accomplish?

In our weekly Hustlin' series, we go beyond the pityingarticles about recession-era youth and illuminate ways our generation is coping. The last few years may have been a rude awakening, but we're surviving. Here's how.

Down to my last sweet potato and tofu slices, I prepare the ingredients in a casserole dish. Maybe it’s my haste to finally eat something that day or the dish towel I have to use in lieu of potholders, which are currently too expensive for me, but I drop it, all over the inside of the oven, twice. Here's where I realize how poor I am: I cry. And not just because I’m frustrated. I cry because I need this food, this tofu and these miniature sweet potatoes, to last me through the week.

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