Starting a PULSE Across the Nation: Why Heart Health Matters Most to Me

We are inundated with numbers and statistics on a daily basis. At times these statistics can seem just like mere numbers or they can seem so overwhelming that we are left asking ourselves, "Where do we even start to solve the problem?" What is even more amazing is how these numbers can begin to represent a unique story, with a much deeper meaning when replaced with the face of a loved one or a peer.

“The morning of September 12, 2012 I had a stroke. I was an athletic and healthy 24-year-old who had no idea what the stroke symptoms were. Despite my lack of knowledge I was one of the lucky few that received treatment in time. I was given a TPA or ‘clot-busting’ shot with very few minutes to spare in the three-hour window for which the drug could be used post-stroke onset. Miraculously, I have no residual effects on my brain. Since then I have dedicated much of my time to sharing my personal story with others to encourage stroke prevention and awareness. It is imperative to educate the next generation of community leaders about heart health and stroke prevention,” says Bri Winkler, a fellow PULSE committee member from the American Heart Association (AHA) Los Angeles Chapter.

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