Independent filmmaker Vincent Moon takes his guerrilla style global.

"We're just playing next to the trash cans," says Zach Condon, the reedy lead singer of the group Beirut. Moments later, the camera shows Condon and his gypsy-inspired band play a rousing acoustic version of their song "Nantes" on a Paris street corner. Green trash bins serve as drums, but it's the accordion that sets the beat. Onlookers pause, delighted. It's a curious scene and it's what Vincent Moon does best.The filmmaker responsible for this impromptu concert is 29-year-old Mathieu Saura, better known as Vincent Moon. Since 2006, Moon has built a cult following by filming musicians performing songs in one take, unscripted, usually in a public space. His Take-Away Shows for the indie music website La Blogothèque don't have big budgets or big crews and they're shot in an iconic, unusual style.Now, with his ever-growing following, he's taken on yet another new venture,, a blog named for the free independent state that existed next to the Adriatic Sea in the early 1920s. There won't be much prose on the site-"I don't like much to write, but I like to talk and I'm enough confident/pretentious to try it," he writes-but he pledges to upload at least one new film a week, done in one shot, in one take."My idea of cinema is a guy going into the street and changing how things are just by the way he's holding a camera in his hand," Moon says. "It's not about recording, it's about filming."The long lineup of musicians he has persuaded to perform Take-Away Shows this way includes Bon Iver, Architecture in Helsinki, Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, and R.E.M.. Variety has called him "an innovator to watch" and his videos have pulled in well over a million views online. There are surely many young directors taking digital cameras into the streets, but Moon sets himself apart. After dozens of Take-Away Shows, several documentaries, and a constant hum of projects, his approach is no fluke. It's a thoughtful form of art.

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