Amanda Antico


Rise of the Mini-Preneurs: A Kid-Run Virtual Lemonade Stand To Teach Entrepreneurship

Learning how to be an entrepreneur means kids get to design their own job.

As a serial entrepreneur, I love to start things, to create them, and to build great teams. A few days after starting preschool, my daughter Kylee came home with a drawing of a lemonade stand. It was no masterpiece, but it answered the teacher's question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I was quite sure Kylee had seen a few lemonade stands at the beach that summer, so I figured it was a flashback. However, it now resonates with me that Kylee realized the person selling lemonade was an entrepreneur.

Kylee is now 8-years-old and in third grade. As she and my son have gotten older and become a part of America's formal school system, I've noticed a gap between what they do in school and the world around them. Our kids are being asked to sit in a chair and follow other people's directions all day long. Entrepreneurship is not a part of the curriculum.

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