Amanda Clayman


Ask A Financial Therapist: What Happens When My Partner’s Rich And I’m Not?

You grew up “normal”—your partner grew up rich. Let the tension begin

Money is complicated in more ways than we realize. Most advice speaks to numbers, but financial therapist Amanda Clayman gets to the root of the problem: the underlying needs, emotions, and behaviors that drive our financial choices.

Dilemma: You’re in a relationship with someone who grew up in circumstances you might describe as “privileged”—or wealthy—with access to second and third homes, private chefs, and what seems like a never-ending trust fund. You came from a middle-class home where vacations happened once every decade. The differences weren’t apparent at first, but as you move forward with day-to-day life, from dinners out, to expensive, spontaneous splurges, the tension is starting to build. Can two people from different financial backgrounds be happy together?

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