Andrea King Collier


Yes, Michigan Voted For Trump. But That Doesn’t Mean This Is Trumpland

Here’s what life is like in a newly purple state

On Tuesday morning, I got up early and scoured the morning news coverage, including listening to several Republican analysts who talked about the spanking Trump was about to get, given his terribly managed campaign. A few pundits even suggested that by the end of the day, we’d find out that Trump had single-handedly killed the GOP, and with a recent influx of diverse voters, they may never get it back. Feeling confident, my husband and I cast our ballots for Hillary Clinton by 8 a.m. Voting in the presidential election is always a big deal for us, and we always go together.

Our polling place in Lansing, just a five-minute walk from the state Capitol building, is a stone’s throw away from the spot that used to be known as Fisher Body, one of the largest General Motors plants—now a leveled, fenced-up field. But that isn’t the whole story about Michigan. Go five minutes in another direction and you’ll find a different General Motors plant that spits out new cars every day. Twenty more minutes, and you’ll end up on the Michigan State University campus.

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