Anna Hezel


In Tranny, A Punk Rock Legend Reconciles With Her Past

Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace ’fesses up in her new memoirs.

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In 2012, Laura Jane Grace told a reporter something that she had been keeping secret her whole life. Two intensely anxious months later, the punk musician and lead singer of Against Me! came out to her fans and to the rest of the world as transgender in an article in Rolling Stone. By then, she had already talked about being transgender with her then-wife, Heather, and members of the band. Heather had greeted the news with immediate understanding and support, and her Against Me! bandmates responded with what Laura calls “the most comically awkward group hug, a horrible mess of pats on the back and overly extended stiff arms.” Her public coming-out culminated this past spring in burning her birth certificate onstage at a show in Durham, North Carolina, to protest the state’s exclusionary transgender bathroom laws.

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