Aryon Hopkins

On Earth Day, costumed, painted, and flying New Mexico’s state flag, we rode handmade bike sculptures in Albuquerque’s inaugural annual celebration called Junkado. This people-powered parade with a prize celebrated sustainable transportation, creativity and reuse.

The idea was inspired by three dynamic parade formats: the Mummers parade, the oldest running folk parade in America; the Peoplehood Parade, a youth focused community parade ending with a performance in the park; and the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, a free wheeling bike powered celebration. The final component was born out of the meal-based micro-granting dinners we hosted that raised funds for local creative projects in Albuquerque. A/WAY held three sold-out dinners in 2012, and we substituted the parade for a dinner as our first micro-granting opportunity in 2013.

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