Barbara Noe Kennedy


The Refugees Of Capitol Hill: ‘Here We Go Again’

An 81-year-old survivor of World War II says that D.C. drama in the time of Nixon was small potatoes compared to now

In January, President Trump sat at his desk in the Oval Office and signed an executive order attempting to curb the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the United States. Yet displaced people have long woven themselves into the very fabric of the neighborhoods surrounding the White House and Capitol Hill.* In this series, “The Refugees of Capitol Hill,” we share the stories, in their own words, of some of the refugees who have lived and experienced Washington, D.C., before and after the 2016 election, including the son of a Laotian refugee who has established a food delivery service featuring refugee chefs, a recent Afghan refugee fleeing the Taliban, and, below, an 81-year-old German refugee from World War II.

Greta A.

81, Germany

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