Beatrice Viramontes


Why I'm Taking to the Streets to Demand Education Equity

The 'March as One' elevates the issue of educational inequality in schools.

Los Angeles is my home. It is my family's home, my students' home, and my colleagues' home—and I hope one day it will be home to my own children. As an educator I know students here—like kids in many cities—don’t have equal access to a high quality education, but there is a real lack of civic engagement around the issue. However, this lack of engagement is not just an epidemic here. It's a national epidemic and I’m determined to do something about it.

Along with a group of eight other Los Angeles public school educators, I've organized the March as One—a three-mile long march taking place this Saturday, February 16th to elevate the issue of educational inequality in the city's schools. We've scheduled the March as One three weeks prior to Los Angeles' March 5th school board and mayoral elections—and three days prior to the voter registration deadline—because we're asking candidates to commit to educational equity.

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