Put on a Fake Mustache for Mexico’s Independence Day

Each year in mid-September, Mexicans gleefully celebrate their nation—and it’s a far cry from Cinco de Mayo.

Illustration by Matt Chase

Just before midnight on September 15, the president of Mexico will speak from a balcony overlooking thousands of revelers in Mexico City's famed zocalo, or main plaza. The speech, given by every Mexican president every year, will be replicated in small towns across the nation, and ends with what has to be one of the largest call-and-responses in the world: The Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores), which consists of various rounds of "¡viva!"—effectively "long live"—and ends with "¡viva Mexico!" The president will then host a midnight dinner, and the rest of the nation will party into the morning of September 16. This is Mexican Independence Day.

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