Cheryl Carleton


How Trump’s Tax Breaks Will Help, And Hurt, Working Mothers

Maximizing women’s presence in the workplace is good business

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Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen recently summed up the economic benefits of widespread child care and paid family leave. Since 1979, she explained in a speech at Brown University, women have brought about most gains in real household income. Making life easier for working moms helps women enter and stay in the workforce and, in turn, boosts economic growth, Yellen reasoned. The Conversation

As an economics professor who researches issues that working women face, I couldn’t agree more. When more women earn income, their own families benefit—along with the whole economy. And I’m heartened to see that after its initial proposal for a child care tax break that would mainly benefit the rich, the Trump administration has switched gears. It now seeks to bring relief to working families farther down the economic ladder.

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