Climate Of Hope


It’s Time for an Optimistic Conversation About Climate Change

We believe that by changing the way we think and talk about climate change, we can lower the temperature of the debate—and accomplish a whole lot more. Cooler heads can produce a cooler world.

By Michael Bloomberg & Carl Pope

It’s easy to be despondent about climate change. The issue received almost no attention during an eighteen-month presidential campaign that tested everyone’s patience. As a candidate, Donald Trump said he would “cancel” the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and has rolled back many of the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. His pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency is known primarily for fighting efforts to tackle climate change. Abroad, Brexit has created questions about Europe’s ability to unite against this formidable problem. Yes, the Paris Agreement was a major breakthrough in climate diplomacy, but there is nothing enforceable about it—no real penalties for countries that don’t honor their commitments. On top of all that, the difficulty of preventing the Earth’s temperature from rising sounds enormous enough to make many people give up and hope for the best.

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