Colter Jackson


The Pacifist’s Guide To A Productive Thanksgiving

You’re about to share a table with Trump supporters. Don’t miss this opportunity to change their minds

"A Thanksgiving Truce" by John Pughe, 1870-1909, artist. Illustration shows Theodore Roosevelt sharing a feast with many wild animals. "Here's hoping that when next we meet, we see you first." Image via Universal History Archive/UIG

I think I must be a member of this godless, New York City “liberal elite,” according to media stereotypes. I’ve cried on and off for nearly two weeks because Hillary didn’t win. I wake up at 4 a.m. every day and check the news to see if they’ve verified that Russia hacked the system and the wrong man won—not just the popular vote, but the Electoral College, too. I’m a yoga-practicing, NPR-listening, The New York Times-reading, artisanal bread-buying author/illustrator with soft, book-loving hands. On every single political issue, I couldn’t be any more to the left.

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