Craig Battin


Bonsai: This Water-Saving Device May be the Future of Shaving

The Bonsai was designed to help reduce water waste while shaving by 99 percent.


How much water do you waste while shaving? You’d be surprised to know just how many people can’t answer this question. Depending on your habits, you probably use somewhere between 1-10 gallons. We realize that of the many ways water is wasted in the home each day, shaving isn’t the biggest culprit. But it is a part of the problem, so we’ve built a solution that reduces water waste by up to 99 percent.
The Bonsai—our shaving device for men and women—uses just 2.5 ounces of water to produce a high-powered spray for rinsing your razor during shaving. It addresses the full spectrum of shaving’s nagging realities, maximizes razor performance and life, and minimizes the impact of shaving on the environment.

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