Crystal Brown


In the Wake of Sandy Hook, We Need More Than Just Gun Control

The Sandy Hook tragedy is a much larger conversation about mental illness, lack of mental health services, violence in our community, and connection.

No one in America feels at peace this week. Each time our country endures tragedy—whether it is the stripping away of homes, belongings and community, due to a storm or last week's heartbreaking loss of life in Newtown, Connecticut—we are reminded just how fragile, complicated—and, at times, senseless—our world can be.

Adults have enough difficulty processing these events—we grieve, we cry, we condemn, we rage, we vent... but what is a child supposed to do? How does a mother protect her children from growing up too fast? From absorbing confusing information? Is there any lesson to teach at this moment? I felt that it was important that my daughters hear about the tragedy from me and not on the playground, where things could be misconstrued. Even if the real story, itself, seems unbelievable, at least I could provide them with the correct words and help them understand that grieving is part of growing up.

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