Record Store Day Is Just Another Way For Labels To Take Your Money…But Here's Why You Should Support It Anyway

Yes, celebrate the stores, but question the motives of the record labels.

With record labels merging into each other, and in turn large record labels being reduced to assets of catalog music instead of purveyors of new music, it is not just the music industry that is suffering. Music lovers are suffering as well. Think of where we are now: a world where lossy digital files (Amazon MP3, iTunes) and vinyl (pop, crack, skip) are the prominent formats. CDs, the better format, are now in swap meet boxes next to 8-tracks and VHS tapes. We are living in an age where chain record stores are virtually gone. No Music Plus. No Tower. Not even a Sam Goody, which wasn't that "good" to begin with.

Luckily, we still have "mom and pop" shops scattered around.

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