Davide Luciano


Urban Interventions: Creating Colorful Scenes From Forgotten Potholes

Potholes reimagines the decaying urban landscape as imaginative and playful scenes of living.

School was never a priority nor an interest until I enrolled in film school, which was the beginning of my journey. I instantly found my voice, passion and vision to express my views. After writing, directing, and editing a few short films which were received with praise and accolades, I realized I wanted to challenge myself and create "mises en scenes" with a single frame.

The way the Potholes series came about was that my wife Claudia and I were driving and hit a large pothole. We started complaining about the amount of potholes in our city and then joked about seeing a woman washing her laundry in one. After imagining a few scenes that could happen in a pothole we looked at each other and knew we had a great idea for a photography series.

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