Deborah Phillips


Do We Have the Will to Give Every Child Pre-Kindergarten?

Our nation has never prioritized ending poverty, or all children's access to quality early education. When will we start?

Children today are less likely to have a parent who is securely employed than they were ten years ago—down from 79 percent in 2001 to 71 percent in 2011. Family median income has dropped by $6,300 (in real dollars) over this same period and children are 37 percent more likely to be in poverty—$22,050 for a family of four—than they were in 2001. They are even more likely to be poor today than in 1975.

In short, both low- and middle-income children started to slip down the economic ladder in 2001, fell even farther as a result of the Great Recession, and are now experiencing higher levels of economic insecurity than in the prior decade.

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