Three Ways to Make a Difference For Public Education in 2014

The most important thing we can do to restore equal opportunity in our nation is strengthen public education.

It's been a little over five years since a financial crisis pushed our economy to the brink of disaster. Thankfully we didn't fall into the abyss, but the recovery hasn't been equally shared among all Americans. While long term unemployment remains perilously high and middle class families struggle to pay their bills, a fortunate few enjoy unprecedented prosperity.

It's not our imagination; inequality in America really is growing wider. In fact, the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality recently reported that the U.S. now ranks third among all advanced nations in the level of income inequality. This dangerous trend threatens our country's stability and one of our most important valuesour commitment to equal opportunity for every person. That's why President Obama recently called inequality the most serious threat to the American Dream.

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