Domingo Antonio Robledo


Why the Creative Class Needs to 'Lean in' to Education Reform

Creatives need to engage and provide feedback education, and the result will ultimately lead to more action.

It's extraordinary how the narrative of American public education—and its reform—is shifting. Creatively motivated people are propelling an undercurrent and it's an encouraging stimulus to the larger movement. It is, indeed, a time to facilitate "education for all"—aiming high to do so with better, more dynamic standards. But we need more people doing. We need more "denters," as a good advisor once told me.

Concerned educators have led the mainstream front for years—Bill Damon and Wendy Kopp come to mind, along with Michelle Rhee and others. A major difference today, however, is that the creative class is willing to lean in for a stronger push. The core of this creative movement is full of individuals who care to see things change for the future of this country, and the state of education has come to the forefront. Still, there is so much more to do and so much to more to contribute.

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